Aroundsound Cookie Policy

Just like many other sites, we use small files called cookies to help us understand how well our site is performing and provide a personalised experience.

Cookie Types

We use the following types of cookies:

  1. First-party Cookies

    Cookies set by Aroundsound. And only we can read them.

  2. Third-party Cookies

    We use third-party software to provide us with information on how the app is used for the purposes of analytics. We list below our use of third-party cookies.

  3. Persistent Cookies

    These cookies stay on your computer or device after your browser has been closed, and expire after a period of time

  4. Performance Cookies

    These help us understand how people are using the Aroundsound website, so we can make it better.

  5. Functional Cookies

    These are persistent cookies which help us personalise by remembering your preferences or settings.

Our Cookies

We use a single first-party persistent cookie called a session.

We associate the following information to this session cookie:

  1. performance_cookie_consent

    This lets us know if you have granted consent or not for us to associate a web_visitor_id to your session cookie

    You can chose to grant or revoke this permission at any time.

  2. web_visitor_id

    This lets us know if you have visited Aroundsound before.

    We use it to:

    1. Understand which pages on our site you are visiting.
    2. Make a record of any Recordings you have "liked"

Third-party Cookies

  1. Google Analytics

    Performance Cookie

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    Opt out

  2. Google Tag Manager

    Performance Cookie

    Cookie Policy

  3. HotJar

    Performance Cookie

    Cookie Policy

    Opt out

  4. MailJet

    Performance Cookies

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  5. MailJet

    Functional Cookies

    Cookie Policy

Contacting us

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or practices. You may contact us at or at our mailing address below:

Gritstone Studios Limited,
Denby House Business Centre,
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