Never forget the sound of a moment

Aroundsound lets you capture and share your everyday using sound. Relive with friends and family, discover the world through the power of listening.

Mother using Aroundsound app to recording the sounds of the playing with her child

Real life recordings are powerful without being perfectly produced

Aroundsound helps people compile and share personal collections of everyday moments. Stories you’ve heard a hundred times before, and tales being told for the first time. After school chats, bathtime games and nightly I love yous. Special now, precious later.

Tune in, don't screen out

We all consume audio, but how many of us capture it? Sound has super powers - it keeps us in the moment and helps us relive it too, with no camera-mugging or screen-ducking. Just the extraordinary everyday, unplugged and unconstrained.


Aroundsound makes it super-easy to record, and secures all your sounds in the Cloud, so you never have to worry about the safety of your soundtrack. Aroundsound uses Google Cloud, one of the world’s leading storage platforms, to keep sounds safe.


Tag the best bits as you go, edit in a couple of clicks, then create your own collections. It really is that easy.


It’s easy to share your sounds, so friends and family can listen too – even if they don’t have the app. You can invite them to join your collections, and with the app they can add comments and be notified when you add new sounds.

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