How to use the Aroundsound app

These tips will help you to get the most out of Aroundsound

High quality recording

Users regularly tell us that the recording quality with Aroundsound is exceptional, whether you are recording speech, singing, music or natural sounds around you.

Whenever you want to create a recording just open the app and click on the red recording button located in the bottom right corner. The recording will start automatically - you can pause or stop a recording any time. The recording will continue in the background too so you can still use your phone whilst recording (for anything that doesn't need the microphone).

If you have given the app permission, your location will automatically be added. You can adjust this permission at any time. After you have finished a recording, you will have the ability to change the title, location and add notes.

Never lose a recording

We know your sounds are precious, and to make sure they are kept safe, your Aroundsound recordings are backed up to private cloud storage. Syncing to the cloud happens automatically whenever you have internet access. To protect your data plan, by default, syncing takes place only when you are connected to Wifi (you can change this on the settings tab and back up over cellular data if you prefer). As soon as your recording is synced, it will be available from any device with the app installed and when logged in with your account. You can check the sync status at any time by looking at the menu associated with any recording.

Aroundsound uses Google Cloud, one of the world’s leading storage platforms. As a special offer to early users, fair use of storage is free and we promise that anything you create now will be freely available when we introduce paid storage tiers. So get soundtracking with Aroundsound today, to take advantage of this offer, available for a limited time only.

Build collections of sounds

You can now organise your sounds into collections. Creating a collection is easy - just go to the collections tab and hit the '+' button. You can 'add sounds' directly from that new collection, or you can select a recording directly from sounds tab, tap on the menue and then choose 'add to a collection'.

Aroundsound also provides 'Smart Collections, which are auto-filled with relevant sounds. Just now you will find one for any sounds that have been shared with you called 'Incoming' and another for sounds you have shared called 'Shared'.

Build soundtracks together

With Aroundsound you can share your sounds and build collections of sounds together. Make soundtracks of your children, record lessons and lectures, save the sounds of spring, and invite friends and family as 'members' of your collection. Members can access your collection from anywhere - whether they are using mobile (iOS or Android), iPad or desktop web. Your privacy is always important to us, so your shared collections will only be accessible to people you have invited to the collection. Members who also have the Aroundsound app installed can comment on the shared collection, add their own sounds, and be notified whenever a new sound is added to the collection.

After you create a collection you can transform it to a shared collection simply with one click - by adjusting the privacy. Then you can start inviting members to the shared collection.

Hey Siri - Start recording

You can now enable your iPhone to start recording using your voice alone. Simply navigate to the Siri menu in device and add the Aroundsound app, then choose and set your voice command.

Aroundsound Labs

Experimental features for Android devices. Our Public Beta Android app contains some experimental features what we are planning to introduce for iPhone and iPad too in the near future.

Mark the important moments in your recordings

Key Moments help you to browse between important parts of an audio. You can use Key Moments to mark important parts of an audio - during the recording or during listening back your recording. With one tap you will create a Key Moment - with long tapping on it you will be able to add a small note or delete any Key Moment. It is the perfect tool to help you browse your longer recordings and supplement with additional information about a particular part of the audio.

Quick Settings Tile Recording option

The fastest way to start a recording. Our goal is to help you to capture life-moments in the easiest and fastest way without ruining that moment. With Quick Settings Tile (available on Android 7.0+ devices) you can add Aroundsound’s two action - Start a Recording and Add a Key Moment. Once you setup these Quick Settings Tile you will be able to start a recording even on a locked phone - truly the fastest way to start a recording.

More to come soon...

Aroundsound is developing all the time. We love to hear your feedback, so please tell us what you need.