About Aroundsound

Read our story and meet the team behind the product.

We are founded on the belief that sound is special. What we hear today is not always here tomorrow, because voices change, fade and disappear, and daily routines become much-missed rituals. Stories are told and part remembered, lessons are learned and then part forgotten. Sometimes a picture isn't enough, and we want to hear it as it was.

Though we can't stop time, sound gives us the chance to capture it, without missing out on being in the moment (we love taking pictures as much as anyone, but often a screen gets in the way of living the real moment).

We call this soundtracking - creating a collection your valuable memories and moments, using sound. Aroundsound is for the everyday and the extraordinary. Memories that are powerful without being perfectly produced. You can share your soundtrack with friends and family and tune in together.

People all over the world are now using Aroundsound to create their own soundtracks. From parents, teachers, musicians, spoken word artists, travellers and students, everybody's soundtrack is different.

Aroundsound began, when co-founder Rachel Evatt, having just had her second child, realised that sound was special. She knew that with children, the hours may be long, but the months and years fly by, and she wanted to capture the everyday moments and be fully present, without a screen getting in the way. So she started sound recording. When she listened back to her sound recordings, something really special happened. She was transported back to the moment and she experienced it in a different, deeper way watching a video or looking at a picture. She realised that sound has great power and the more she delved into the science of sound, the more this was confirmed. She was hooked on soundtracking.

She experimented with many sound recording apps, but none of them allowed her to record, curate and share her soundtracks as she wanted. Very soon, Aroundsound was born.

Aroundsound is co-founded by Rachel Evatt, Ian Murray and Viktor Pali, under the company Gritstone Studios. Rachel and Ian are both based in The Peak District, near Manchester, UK, where gritstone is prevalent in the Dark Peak landscape. Viktor is based in Budapest, Hungary and we now have an incredible team based in multiple locations. We are proud of our semi-remote set-up and ability to collaborate across borders with minimal travel. As parents and people with other life interests, we are proving that building great products, working in an amazing team and being present at home, are all compatible.

Meet the founders

Rachel CEO
Rachel's experience is in product development, management and growth marketing and the first start-up she co-founded, Zoombu, was bought by Skyscanner, where she worked for seven years first as Product Director, then Director of Operations and Strategy. Rachel loves to spend time with her family in the Peak District and is a keen runner and cyclist.
Ian is an experienced engineer with a background in Computer Science, and has worked as a senior developer at Zoombu and Skyscanner. Ian is a father and a skilled rock climber and loves to spend time hanging on the gritstone of the Peak District.
Viktor CPO
Viktor was a leading member of the app development company Distinction, which was acquired by Skyscanner. He has extensive app development and product management experience. Viktor is based in the vibrant city of Budapest.

Amazing team members include

Zoli Product Design
Zoli is the product designer of Aroundsound. He was honoured by recognising as one of the first Portfolio Night All-Stars by ADC in New York City. Afterwards he started his journey in the mobile app industry when he joined Distinction, which later became part of Skyscanner. He pursuits meaning, story-telling and pleasing feel in his work. He’s into photography, handwriting and learning foreign languages.
Csaba Web Development
Csaba is a tech-savvy electric-car fanboy, who worked at Skyscanner in various roles of product development (product manager, software developer, software tester). He's now responsible for the development of our website. He was a time-management course trainer, so he's expected to be well-organised.
Laszlo iOS Development
Laszlo is one of the software engineers who is responsible for our awesome iOS app experience. Laszlo is keen on driving tech initiatives, push the limits of what’s possible on the platform using his 8+ years experience on iOS development. In his free time he’s a drummer, loves playing snooker, board games and keeping up with tech news, mainly around Swift development.
Zsombor iOS Development
Zsombor is a brilliant iOS developer who worked for Skyscanner for 5 years. He is a user first developer who mostly likes to build and get involved in the UI and UX decisions of the product. He loves to travel and he is an avid Sous Vide machine user who cooks perfect steaks.
Josi Marketing and Communications
Josi is an experienced digital marketer and communications specialist who has held a breadth of marketing roles on agency and client side both in Germany and the UK. She’s spent several years at Skyscanner, doing social media marketing before becoming a Growth Manager. She loves spending time with her twins and husband as well as running, reading or practicing yoga.

Key advisors include

Mark Logan
Mark Logan, who has over 25 years of experience in successful tech-startups and 1st-tier internet tech environments. Mark was the COO of Skyscanner from 2012 up to its acquisition for £1.5bn in 2016, and previously VP of Engineering at Atlantech, and a founding member of big-data start-up Sumerian. He now works as an advisor, investor and non-executive director.
Yara Paoli
Yara Paoli, the Former Vice President of Growth at Skyscanner, an international speaker on growth and now Chief Growth Officer at Preply. Yara is a music lover and avid traveller, and GrowthX Ambassador.
Jenna Frost
Jenna Frost is a senior communications strategist, focusing on messaging, campaign, and creative planning. She’s worked in London, Sydney and now Edinburgh, where she now balances consultancy with novel writing. An early Aroundsound advocate, Jenna is helping us find our voice and route out to market.
Rick Blything
Rick is a Sound Editor and Field Recordist, who is passionate about sound. Inspired by nature, art and storytelling; Rick splits his time between capturing sounds in the field and building soundtracks for feature films, documentaries, games, radio productions and installations. Rick is bringing his expertise to Aroundsound as an Artist in Residence, showcasing beautiful sounds and sharing professional tips and tricks to inspire, educate and inform.